Frequently Asked 3D Model Questions


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of my models as well as other general design questions I have received.

If you do not find the answer to a particular question you have, then please feel free to contact me using the e-mail address provided on my Contact Page and I will do my best to provide an answer.

And remember that I can also create custom 3D models for any project that requires assets and 3D models designed to specific criteria.

Model Questions

What 3D Software program do I need in order to use your 3D Models?
All of my models are created to be used in a wide variety of 3D programs and include standard 3D formats such as the OBJ & FBX file types. If you are an Autodesk 3DS Max user, the installer also includes native 3DS Max 2013 or later formats.

What 3D model formats do your models come in?
All of my models come in the standard OBJ & FBX format ready to load or import into your 3D software program and includes Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 or later format model files.

How do I use your 3D Models?
All of my models come with a windows installer, making it easy to place them where you need them. The installer also ensures texture paths are properly set for each 3D model when loaded or imported into your 3D program.

What texture format do the models include?
All of my models include textures in the JPG texture format.

How do I install the models after I download them?
Each 3D model comes with it's own Microsoft Windows installer. Run the 3D models install file and enter the serial number you received in the download link e-mail..

How do I download the models after I purchase them?
After successful payment an e-mail containing a copy of your download link/s will be sent to you and you will be redirected back to my website in order to download your model/s.

Payment Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?
You can purchase the models using Visa and Mastercard as well as PayPal.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase the models?.
No. You do not need a PayPal Account. Simply pay with a credit card using the PayPal Payment Gateway without opening an account..

Are my details safe to enter on your website?
Yes. I do not store any of your payment details as all payments are handled through PayPal. I also encrypt all traffic using Commodo SSL.

Usage Questions

I did not receive an e-mail, what should I do?
Please allow a couple of hours for e-mail delivery in case of server load. If after a few hours you do not receive an e-mail please contact me at - [email protected]

Can I use these models in my own Commercial projects?
Yes. You are free to use the models in your own commercial rendered projects. You are not allowed to resell or distribute the models you purchase from me.

What are the differences between the Buildings and Assorted menu categories?
Models listed under the Buildings category are usually large buildings and models I list under the Assorted category can be a mix of anything else such as gates, car wrecks, statues or environment models.


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